Test Your Web On Several Devices At The Same Time

Currently, we access websites from a host of different devices. We no longer only do it from a computer. Now we also have smartphones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs, etc. Each with its own operating system and web browser.

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In an ideal world, this would not be a problem. However, there are small differences between each platform, operating system and device that sometimes cause a website to not load as it should or that some elements appear messy or look bad. The complexity of the current Web sites is such that although we try to follow international specifications and standards, something can go wrong for some external component or for a simple one. line of code

So to ensure that our users will see our website well, it is best to check ourselves how it shows on different platforms. The problem is that we do not always have enough capacity or resources to have a testing machine. The solution? Tools like LambdaTest.

Leave it to a Professional

The purpose of LambdaTest is to save us the testing phase of our website. To do this, it has tests for more than 2,000 desktop and/or mobile browsers. Specifically, this service will load our website in the most popular browsers and in different versions and operating systems to verify that everything is going well. If something does not load or is not seen correctly, we will receive a notification.

For the tests, LambdaTest takes into account the browser, the version, the operating system and even the resolution of the screen, something important today before the variety of devices from which we access the Internet. In addition, the tests can be manual, at our request, or run automatically from a previous configuration and requests.

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Once the test is done, we will obtain results in the form of scores and warnings in case of a problem. In addition, we will see a history of the tests performed and the characteristics of each one. And to make sure that the test has been correct, we can even choose to take a screenshot of the page on that device and/or platform, to check first hand that it loads correctly.

Another advantage of LambdaTest is that it allows you to test publicly visible websites but also those that we have on our computer pending upload to the server. This way we will avoid publishing a page that will load poorly before we have verified that everything works correctly.

Moreover, among the more than 2,000 browsers, versions, platforms and other variables to take into account in the tests, it obviously allows us to check the suitability of our website on mobile devices. And considering that the Internet is increasingly accessed from smartphones, it should be ensured that your website has a responsive or adaptive design for any type of screen.


LambdaTest works directly from its website. To start working with him we must register for free. As an incentive, it has an extension for Google Chrome. Thus we will have the possibility to perform tests while we navigate.

As usual in this type of tools or services, LambdaTest has a free version with certain limitations: 60 minutes per month of tests, 10 captures per month, 10 responsive design tests per month and 200 minutes of automatic tests. If we need to get more out of LambdaTest, we have at our disposal several payment plans by monthly or annual subscription.


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