How To Solve The Most Common iPhone Touch ID Problems

One of the best innovations that Apple has created is its Touch ID, a fingerprint reader. It is a technology that has been present with us for many years on the iPhone, iPad or MacBook. However, no matter how good the technology is, there are times when problems arise.

For that reason, we are going to review the most common problems that can appear with Touch ID in our Apple device and how we can solve it. Almost all the solutions are very simple and you can use Touch ID again without problems.

Common Touch ID problems

Touch ID does not recognize the finger

One of the most common problems that can happen to us with Touch ID is that the fingerprint reader does not recognize our finger well and gives us an error when it comes to unlocking the device or buying an app. Touch ID is a pretty infallible system so if you get an error when it comes to reading your fingerprint, there is a problem.

how to fix touch id

The reasons for this error reading of Touch ID can be several since the reader itself is dirty has been damaged. Below we show you some possible solutions that you should try before contacting Apple.

Touch ID takes time to unlock the iPhone

Another very common problem is that Touch ID takes too long to detect and read our fingerprint and, therefore, to unlock our iPhone or make a purchase. If you have noticed that the fingerprint sensor of your device does not react as before, there is probably a software problem that can be easily solved.

If your iPhone or iPad has not been hit or the sensor is dirty, try one of the options shown below to get the Touch ID speed back to the way it was before.

Touch ID no reacciona

If the fingerprint reader on your iPhone, iPad or Mac does not respond directly, it may be damaged or extremely dirty. If after cleaning it still does not react, I’m telling you that the only option is to take it to an Apple Store so they can check if it’s broken and replace it with a new one.

Solutions to Touch ID problems

Once reviewed the most common problems that can appear with the Touch ID, these are the solutions that will make everything work again perfectly.

Clean the sensor and your finger

The first solution is the easiest, before putting to respect the Touch ID of your device, check that neither the reader nor your finger is dirty. To clean the Touch ID reader, it is best to use a slightly moistened microfiber cloth, turn off the device completely and clean the sensor.

It is normal that the sensor gets dirty from time to time and this can make the reading of our finger is not correct and failures. The same thing happens with your fingers, make sure they are not wet, dirty or wounded.

Clear footprints

If this does not work, you can try to re-register your fingerprints. To do this, go to Settings> Touch ID and code, click on each fingerprint and delete. Once this process is done, register your fingerprints again following the advice that will appear on the screen.

Remember that you should not press the Home button while scanning your fingerprint if you press too hard it is possible that the image will be distorted. It is also important to record the edges of your finger well.

Register same finger another position

If after following these steps you notice that Touch ID continues to fail or works slower than a trick should, it is to register your finger twice in different positions. In this way, when you do not recognize it in one way, you may do so in another.

If none of these solutions has worked for you, it is possible that your Touch ID sensor is damaged or disabled if you have taken it to repair. an unofficial store. Remember that a Touch ID from another iPhone will not work on your device.

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