How To Download Tiktok Videos

Today we will explain how to download videos from TikTok. the popular social network of micro videos with filters that have managed to overcome mobile downloads to heavyweights like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. This has confirmed it as one of the surprises of 2018 after merging with

download tiktok videos

One of the features that are making this social network popular is the great creativity that we can find in some videos and their interaction possibilities. And if there is a video that you especially liked, we will explain two different ways in which you can download them to enjoy them when you can, directly from the application or through your email.

One of the things you have to keep in mind is that in order to download other people’s videos directly from the application you will need to upload yourself at least one video. Once done, the download option will appear in most videos. And when you do not, you can always use the email trick.

How To Download A Video From TikTok:

To download the TikTok videos from the application itself, enter the video you want to download and click on the Share button. You have it in the right part of the video, just below the leave comments button.

ways to download tiktok videos

When you click on Share, a pop-up window with several options with which you can share the video will open at the bottom of the screen. In this window, click on the option Save video to start the download on your mobile.
The video in which you have made this action will begin to download automatically and without you having to bother to tell you where you want it. When the download is finished, a small informative window will appear in green in which you will be told which folder of the mobile the video has been downloaded so that you can go to it to see it.

And now, all you have to do is go to the folder that you have been told in the TikTok message using any file browser application and open the video that will have been downloaded to your media player by default. You can see it without problems and whenever you want.

How To Download A Video By Email:

When you do not see the Save Video button you will still be able to download them through your email. It is a little trick with which you can send not a link to the video, but the video itself through your email. To do so, enter the video you want to download and click on the Share button. You have it in the right part of the video, just below the leave comments button.

When you click on Share, a pop-up window with several options with which you can share the video will open at the bottom of the screen. In this window, click on the Email option that will appear in the first row of options.

And that’s it, this option will open your client by default by email (although it is possible that the first time you have to decide which one is with another popup window.) By default, an email will be created in which you leave the video in the format MP4, and that you can send yourself to some other email account you have to download it.

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How To Install Covenant Kodi Addon Using Ares Wizard

Covenant is a complement of Kodi that is a bifurcation of Exodus and previous Genesis. Since Lambda stopped updating the Exodus code, the new developers took Exodus, renamed it and updated the code. The interface is the same without changes so far, except for some corrections behind the scenes.

how to install covenant addon

Ares is now available to install from Ares Wizard, which is a very reliable source. Ares needs a few more steps to complete the installation, but it is a one-stop Kodi assistant to install many other add-ons, compilations and other tools for Kodi. You also have the Colossus repository available for download without installing Ares. There are two methods available.

How To Install Covenant Kodi Addon Using Ares Wizard Method 1:

It is always suggested to use a VPN with Kodi for privacy and security. If you need a good low-cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish, you have multiple high-speed servers without regulation or registries. Name of location: URL of Ares Wizard: URL alternative http: //repo.ares- project .com / magic / How to install the Covenant Kodi plug-in using the Ares Wizard method 1 Using this method, the Colossus repository containing the Covenant plug-in is installed without installing the full Ares Wizard.

covenant addon not working

1. Click on the system icon in the upper left corner

2. Click File Manager

3. On the left, click Add Source

4. Click where it says none

5. Enter the URL: http : // and click OK

6. Call Ares Wizard and do OK

7. Check that everything is correct and click OK

8. returns to the main menu and click Add -ons

9. Click on the icon of the installer package on the top left.

10. Installing from archive

11. opens to box will open the Wizard Ares and will click it

12. Click

13. Wait to appear the top right and say Installed

14. Click on Install from Repository

15. Project Ares

16. Repository of add-ons

17. Repository Colossus

18. Install

19. Wait for it to appear the top right with the Colossus Repository Installed

20. add-on. Go back two steps to install From Repository and click on Colossus Repository

21. Video Add-ons

22. Search and click on Covenant

23. Click Install.

How To install Covenant Kodi Addon Using Ares Wizard Method 2:

covenant addon 2018

Using this method, the full Ares Wizard is installed.

1. Click on the system icon in the upper left corner

2. Click File Manager

3. On the left, click Add Source

4. Click where it says none

5. Enter the URL: http : // and click on Accept

6. Name it as Ares Wizard and click OK

7. Verify that everything is correct and click OK

8. Go back to the Main Menu and click on add- ons

9. Click on the icon of the package installer in the upper left

10. Install from the zip file

11. will slide opened find Ares Wizard and click on it

12. Click on

13. Wait for the top right to appear and say Installed

14. Click on Install from Repository

15. Ares Project

16. Programs add-ons

17. Ares Wizard

18. Install

19. The upper right part will appear with the Installed Ares Add-in

20. In the main menu, go to Add -ons program and click on Ares Assistant.

21. Ares Wizard will extract and install, which will take a few moments

22. After Ares Wizard begins to Click on Browse Add-ons at the top of the menu

23. Video Addons

24. Find and select Covenant

25. Click Install.

If this step gives you an error, read at the bottom of the page how to install the Colossus repository first. (Note: the add-on will not be highlighted once the mouse has moved in. Just make sure you indicate on the right which add-on you want to install). Covenant and its dependencies will be downloaded and installed, which takes a few moments.

After installing the Ares Wizard exit by clicking on the close button in the upper right corner. A box will appear to exit the Wizard. Covenant will now be available from the main menu Video Addons How to install Colossus Repository of Ares Wizard If the Covenant works of art do not appear, or generates an error and do not install, the Colossus Repository must be installed manually.

Colossus Repository is also available in Ares Wizard from, Browse Addons-> Repositories. Select Colossus and install it. After installing Colossus Repo, you can install Covenant from, Install from a repository-> Colossus Repository-> Video add-on-> Covenant-> Install. Click here to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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How To Download Facebook Videos

Facebook has been following YouTube for a long time in this audiovisual content. And it is that we want or not, we must recognize it, it is impossible to walk through our timeline of the social network without ending up reproducing a video of recipes or one of the kittens. Probably on more than one occasion one of those videos you liked so much, that you wished you could download it on your phone to be able to play it without connection or simply, it was the collector’s zeal that asked you to have it in the photo library. Do not worry, you’re not the only one.

download facebook video

Unfortunately, downloading videos from Facebook on our phone is not something that can be done automatically from the application, but with a couple of simple tricks can be carried out without a problem. Let’s see what you should do in each case depending on your operating system.

In order to download any Facebook video on an Android terminal, the procedure to follow is as follows: first of all, we have to download the free tool “Video Downloader for Facebook” that is available on Google Play. This application allows us to download both our videos and videos of other users or pages. To start using it, it will be enough to log in with our credentials.

Once we are inside the application with our open Facebook session, all we have to do is find the video that interests us in the different sections it offers, select it and download it, as simple as that.

Download Videos On Our iPhone:

Although in iOS we tend to find more restrictions when it comes to executing this type of actions, downloading Facebook videos on an iPhone is also a relatively simple matter. In this case, we will have to download the free application “Documents 5” from the App Store. Once we have the application downloaded on our iPhone we will go to the option of the browser that is inside the main menu of the same.

download facebook videos on iphone

The next step is to open the Facebook application and choose which video is the one we want to save. Once we have it clear, we will select the option “copy link” in the “share” menu. Now, all we have to do is go back to the app and in the search bar, we left open, paste the link. Automatically we will see the download option, select the quality and the video will be saved -Ojo- in the application downloads folder.

How Do I Pass The Video To My Reel?

The idea of all this is to be able to save the video on our reel so we can see it directly or share it, right? Well do not panic, there is a very simple solution. If we access the download folder of the application we will find all the videos that we have downloaded, select the one that we want to take to our reel and press the edit option. Among the options, we find available we have to send it by mail and that’s where the solution is. We select this option and we send it to ourselves. Once we have received the email with the video, the only thing we have to do is download it and voilá! we already have it in our device to do with it what we please.

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How To Download YouTube Videos

To download YouTube videos you will need to copy the URL of the video you want to download. That is enough to convert the link to a downloadable file in the format you prefer. Now, it can even be done officially through a Google application.

how to download youtube videos

Time passes, but downloading YouTube videos is still as simple as ever. Simply copy and paste the link of the video you want to download, and any of the pages you will see below will allow you to download it directly to your device. So you could download entire YouTube … if you had time for it.

YouTube has never allowed videos to be downloaded natively. Due to copyright issues, this streaming video platform on demand has always limited the viewing of the Internet connection: if you did not have WiFi or data on your mobile, you could not watch the video. Unless you had previously downloaded it to be able to see it offline, but that had to be – and still is – doing it in other ways.

The pages made for this purpose allow you to choose in detail how you want to download the file: you can configure both the resolution (from the lowest so that the file occupies little, to Full HD … also passing through the 4K, in case that you have a compatible device) like the extension (MP4, AVI, 3GP … and even MP3, if you only want to convert the video to MP3).

Download YouTube videos are neither legal nor a legal – at least unofficially: it is in a field halfway between legality and illegality. Google clearly prohibits in its Terms and Conditions of using the download of videos of its platform, and indicates that the contents it houses are not made to be downloaded: it only allows them to be reproduced through its platform. But many pages of download videos have been operating for years, and it is not that the company has made a titanic effort to throw them down.

Although some pages clearly focused on the download of music from YouTube have closed in recent years – it was very famous the case of the closure of YouTube-mp3 – there are still many others that are still perfectly functional. And they are worth as much for the mobile as for the computer.

How To Download YouTube Videos

It is as easy as following these steps:

  • Go to (or open the application on your mobile) and browse to the video you want to download. In case you already have it located, go to the next point.
  • Now, copy the URL (link) of the video. It is a link with this format: (for example) . From the browser is as easy as copying the URL from the top bar, while from the application you must click on the option “Share” and then click on “Copy link”.
  • Once you have the link copied, go to this page:
  • In the first box of “Multimedia address”, paste the link of the video you have copied before and click on ” Continue “. In the boxes below you can choose the resolution and format of the file that you are going to download, and once you have done it click on the ” Start! “Button.
  • With these simple steps, you will have the downloaded video. You can play it whenever you want without Internet or with the connection since it does not depend on if you have access to the network: since it is a file, you can see it on any compatible device.

The Best Alternatives

But the one we mentioned above is not the only page that allows you to download the videos you want. If you want to try other alternatives, check out:

  • The trick of putting “pp” after the word youtube – pages like propose a very interesting trick: put “pp” (without the quotes) after the word youtube in the link of the video you want to download (for example , so there should be a link: pp .com / watch? v = tBgiggdclMI ) and press Enter. This will go directly to the download of the video.
  • – the advantage of this page is that, beyond the conventional download with the method of copying and pasting a link, you have a widget that you can install in your browser so that below the YouTube videos you can see directly a button to download the file.
  • – an interesting page if you are interested in converting the video to MP3.
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