How To Download YouTube Videos

To download YouTube videos you will need to copy the URL of the video you want to download. That is enough to convert the link to a downloadable file in the format you prefer. Now, it can even be done officially through a Google application.

how to download youtube videos

Time passes, but downloading YouTube videos is still as simple as ever. Simply copy and paste the link of the video you want to download, and any of the pages you will see below will allow you to download it directly to your device. So you could download entire YouTube … if you had time for it.

YouTube has never allowed videos to be downloaded natively. Due to copyright issues, this streaming video platform on demand has always limited the viewing of the Internet connection: if you did not have WiFi or data on your mobile, you could not watch the video. Unless you had previously downloaded it to be able to see it offline, but that had to be – and still is – doing it in other ways.

The pages made for this purpose allow you to choose in detail how you want to download the file: you can configure both the resolution (from the lowest so that the file occupies little, to Full HD … also passing through the 4K, in case that you have a compatible device) like the extension (MP4, AVI, 3GP … and even MP3, if you only want to convert the video to MP3).

Download YouTube videos are neither legal nor a legal – at least unofficially: it is in a field halfway between legality and illegality. Google clearly prohibits in its Terms and Conditions of using the download of videos of its platform, and indicates that the contents it houses are not made to be downloaded: it only allows them to be reproduced through its platform. But many pages of download videos have been operating for years, and it is not that the company has made a titanic effort to throw them down.

Although some pages clearly focused on the download of music from YouTube have closed in recent years – it was very famous the case of the closure of YouTube-mp3 – there are still many others that are still perfectly functional. And they are worth as much for the mobile as for the computer.

How To Download YouTube Videos

It is as easy as following these steps:

  • Go to (or open the application on your mobile) and browse to the video you want to download. In case you already have it located, go to the next point.
  • Now, copy the URL (link) of the video. It is a link with this format: (for example) . From the browser is as easy as copying the URL from the top bar, while from the application you must click on the option “Share” and then click on “Copy link”.
  • Once you have the link copied, go to this page:
  • In the first box of “Multimedia address”, paste the link of the video you have copied before and click on ” Continue “. In the boxes below you can choose the resolution and format of the file that you are going to download, and once you have done it click on the ” Start! “Button.
  • With these simple steps, you will have the downloaded video. You can play it whenever you want without Internet or with the connection since it does not depend on if you have access to the network: since it is a file, you can see it on any compatible device.

The Best Alternatives

But the one we mentioned above is not the only page that allows you to download the videos you want. If you want to try other alternatives, check out:

  • The trick of putting “pp” after the word youtube – pages like propose a very interesting trick: put “pp” (without the quotes) after the word youtube in the link of the video you want to download (for example , so there should be a link: pp .com / watch? v = tBgiggdclMI ) and press Enter. This will go directly to the download of the video.
  • – the advantage of this page is that, beyond the conventional download with the method of copying and pasting a link, you have a widget that you can install in your browser so that below the YouTube videos you can see directly a button to download the file.
  • – an interesting page if you are interested in converting the video to MP3.
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