Home Garden Design Ideas with a Patio Spot

Home garden design ideas can brighten the feeling on your backyard. There are many designs that you can place in the backyard. You can deliver a sexy style in the garden by using the exotic design. The desert style on the backyard is perfect if you like a humid and hot area. If you like a tropical area, the modern garden design is good to perceive. The exotic feeling is perceived if you can find the right plants, flowers, patio spot, light and accessories.

The plants and flowers in the garden are in red, violet or blue. You can plant them around the border of your garden. Don’t forget to note on the wall decor in the home garden design ideas. You can plant some vines to make the wall green and fresh. The patio spot in the garden should come in interesting design. You can install some rocks in irregular shape to make the ground more charming to look. Without a patio spot, you will be uncomfortable to access the garden. You can choose other materials to make the alfresco design.

You can install bricks, pebbles, flagstone, concrete, and wood. Some people avoid wood material because it is not water resistant. You can choose concrete if you want to avoid any water of its surface. To represent the country feeling, the home owners love to install brick or paver in round or square pattern. When you have done with patio, you can set some patio furniture to make you comfortable sitting in the home garden. You can have it made from brass if the garden comes in small space. It will never consume much room. The light in the garden is important. You can deliver the warm look at night by installing a string of light on the home garden design ideas.


Comfortable Home Garage Ideas

Garage is a part of the house serving to store valuable things such as cars, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. Unfortunately, not many people can make their garages more comfortable and more secure to accommodate all of those needs above. To obtain a convenient garage, here are some tips that can be used as a reference:

Measure the Space
For a small-sized garage, maximize the garage’s functionality by leveraging the vertical space. Select the type of doors that don’t spend a lot of space when opened. It’s best to choose a door that can be folded up. Meanwhile, an ample-sized garage can be maximized to be serve other functions.

Ensure the presence of adequate lighting
Although it only serves as a carport, a garage should still have a window – ventilation system. If the position of the house allows, consider letting the sunlight enter the garage when the door is closed. In addition to being the lighting during the day time, the dark, damp, and dreary condition will be effectively gotten rid of. For the night time, the lighting can be represented by installing a neon lamp right in the middle of the garage.

Security systems
The vehicle worth hundreds of millions of dollars stored in the garage is a sitting duck for robbers. So, be thorough in selecting the locking system. The security system have been evolved, ranging from the manual with lock and key, to the digital system. However, the quality always have its price.

Home Interior

Popular Home Ceiling Types

The aesthetics and the comfort of a dwelling are determined by the overall home design as whole part that is unable to be separated from one to another. It means that every part of the house has the function and role that’s equally important in creating the comfort and beauty of a dwelling. In this case, we can’t say that the floor is a part that is more important than other parts such as walls or ceiling, and vice versa. Therefore, choosing the best material for each of these parts is a necessity.
And, when it comes to the ceiling, the ceiling materials that currently exist in the market is quite diverse, so that we can tailor it to the needs of the ceiling options, especially the design we want. Each type of ceiling certainly has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of strength, beauty, ease of installation and price. Here are the types of ceiling that you can choose for the ceiling of your home, both interior and exterior.

Gypsum ceiling
Currently, the gypsum ceiling is the kind of the most widely used by the public. With a varied choice, both the thickness and the price offered, making this type of ceiling the most popular material. In addition, gypsum ceiling is a type that is easy to install with a fairly diverse selection of metal and wood frame. The drawback is that it is less resistant to water seepage.

Plywood ceiling
Before the gypsum becomes the most popular type, the plywood was pretty much in demand. Plywood ceiling is quite easily obtained in the market at an affordable price. The installation of it is relatively easy. However, it is classified as extremely flammable.

Hardwood ceiling
The hardwood ceiling is made of lumberseering, wood that is formed into sheets and then dried. The nature of this ceiling type and its shortcomings are almost identical to the type of plywood.


A Clean and Healthy Kitchen

Do you have a clean and healthy kitchen? The kitchen is considered a busiest room in a house given the cooking activity, which is conducted everyday, requires many things, spanning of a lot of food ingredients and cooking utensils, which at will leave the dirty in the kitchen walls and floors, not to mention the aroma made of the cooking. Therefore, you need to keep your kitchen organized and clean to ensure the healthy and hygiene of your entire house.

The kitchen lighting
The lighting is one of the important things that must really be considered in the kitchen. Cooking will absolutely need adequate lighting. The lighting can be obtained from two sources, namely natural and artificial lighting.

The natural lighting
Since the cooking activity often produces germs, the natural lighting a.k.a sunlight is very useful to kill germs in the kitchen. In order to obtain sufficient sunlight, the only way to realize it is by installing a fairly large window or another opening. Beside ensuring the hygiene of the kitchen, a kithcn with sufficient sunlight means saving more electrical energy during the daylight.

Artificial lighting

As the sunlight is not available all the time, then the artificial lighting is needed as a replacement light. There are 3 types of lighting that can be used in the kitchen, namely:

General lighting
This lighting is used to enlight the kitchen, especially when there is no sunlight. The lighting should not be too dim or too bright.

Task lighting
This type typically uses halogen and is placed above the kitchen set. It is used to illuminate specific areas, such as the countertops.

Accent lighting
This lighting is used to enhance the look of the kitchen. It is generally placed in the cabinet’s glass door containing the display. The presence of this lighting will certainly enhance the beauty of the kitchen.


Gothic Bedroom Designs with Vampire Style


The Garage Lighting Ideas

For some people, the garage is usually not all that important. Those who spend most of their time in office, see their garage as a place that is not too important than to keep their cars and possibly their Christmas tree. But for those who don’t, garage plays several important functions in their lives.
If you’re one of those people who are planning to turn their garage into a place most favorable to them, you now have to start thinking for some garage lighting ideas. There are several kind of places that you can turn your garage into. You can create a workshop, game room or anything that may suit your taste.
After finally deciding what to do in your garage, the next step to consider is the garage lighting ideas. Your garage lighting depends on the type of garage you want to be. If it’s going to be some kind of workshop or workspace, then it requires a quite bright light. If it will be a place for some recreational activities, general lamps should match the theme of leisure activities.
Next is to determine the type of lighting you want to use. The neon lamp is best suited for all types of rooms. There are several types of fluorescent light, .. CT, CRI, T12, T4, T5 and T8 of the most superior of these options is T8.
The next important thing is to compose the layout of both the garage area and the lighting setting. Often, the lighting layout is similar with the layout of the garage. It is very important to consider the layout of the garage while planning for the layout of the garage lighting. Careful selection of light can help you maximize its use.


Garage Door Selection Tips

Garage is home to your private car. Therefore, in order to keep your property safe is one of which by selecting the right garage door. A garage door is one of the most important components of your garage. This not only serves as a safety tool, it can also be a design statement for your property.
Before you build a garage or decide to replace the garage door, it is important for you to determine the style, shape and size of your garage door so you won’t need to sacrifice the design of your garage door. Basically, there are five types of garage doors which all garage door manufacturers adopt; retractable doors, canopy door, sectional doors and sliding doors. Each type of door has its own uniqueness and difference in its performance and design.

1. Retractable door
This is a type of garage doors which when opened, most part of the outside part of the door swings and it’s pulled up to the ceiling of your garage. This is easiest type of doors to be automated with a suitable electric opener.

2. Canopy door
This type of door is easy to install because no tracks are required inside the garage. Canopy door is usually made of available wood and light steel. This garage door provides a good drive through width.

3. Sectional door
Sectional door consists of a number of separate panels, which are hinged horizontally. Sectional door provides a better security and protection against the weather. Doors are provided with insulation. It is usually manufacture in steel material.

4. Roller door
As the name suggests, the roller door scrolls vertically upwards. The doors provide good security and protection levels. This door is mainly produced in aluminum and steel. Installation of doors is fairly easy.

5. Sliding door
This door is usually manufactured in steel and wood. The door opens outwards and has a very traditional design.

Game Room

Home Game Room Decorating Ideas

o decorate a home game room should be as interesting as the games themselves. When it comes to the game room, the formal feel is a thing that shouldn’t be there – it’s all about fun and casual! You can set the room to be anything that will make you entertained, like music studio, video game room, pool room, or even just a unique-designed hang-out room to welcome your friends – or, you can fuse them all into this one room to ensure that you keep fully home entertained!
The game room usually belongs to guys. Yes, male is pretty different with female when it comes to the entertainment. The guys can be “self-entertained” just by accompany of stuffs like video game, pool, music instruments, etc. Therefore, the game room is usually themed in masculine atmosphere. A dark palette touched by a sleekness of chromed components and the walls covered by numerous musical, movie, or hot girls posters are a pinch of common visual ambience of a home game room. However, for you ladies who also intend to build your own home game room, it will be great to have such a feminine game room back on your home.
Like other rooms in a house, the game room also needs a focal point, and this depends on what kind of game you want to put in the room. If you want to make it a video game room, then a big LED TV along with its unique TV stand would be the right focal point. To further accentuate it, it would be much better if you give a contrast paint color to the wall side where the TV stand sits.
The last step is to give the finishing touch by displaying many kinds of personal accessories, that can be paintings, photographs, trophies, baseball memorabilia, or anything that can make the game room can fully reflect yourself.

Living Room

Ideas to Make a Formal Living Room

The formal living room is the where that you can display who you are by the presence of evry kind of furniture and accessories that lead to your personality. This is where all of your guests get visually entertained by every kind of things presenting in the living room. So, it’s inevitable that decorating your living room with formal concept will contribute on the multi functionality you ensure for yourself and your guests.
The layout or arrangement might be the first to come up when it comes to formal living room design. It’s quite simple to realize the formal living room. A three-seater sofa flanked by a couple of end tables topped by a couple of table lamps. Make sure that you place the sofaright in the center of the room regarding the sitting area needs to be strategically placed where the guests can easily see the entire room.
The furniture selection wil be the next thing you need to carefully consider since this fixture is the main attraction of the any living room concept, especially the formal living room, you will have to take more time to choose which kind of furniture that wil fit perfectly with the space of the living room. When it comes to material, for the sofa, the leather-wrapped sofa is the common option to fill a formal living room.
A formal living room is identical to the usage of a chandelier, simply bringing the elegance and formality into the living room. Therefore, the lighting type you have for your formal living room is hugely instrumental in giving a significant impact on the atmosphere creation. If you don’t like using a complicated fixture like chandelier, feel free to use tracking lighting which you can control the direction of the lighting. To further enhance the ambiance, it’s recommended to integrate a spot light highlighting a painting or a plant.

Living Room

Making a Living Room Elegant with Minimalist Design

A minimalist living room has a more simple look but still exudes an elegant feel. By applying a minimalist style, the living room will also seem more comfortable and modern.
The minimalist concept can not only be created through the play of color, which usually adopts neutral colors, but also through the shape and textures. Integrate neutral color on the interior foundation elements, ranging from the floor, the whole side of the wall, up to the ceiling. White is the preferred color widely used in minimalist interior design.
White gives the impression of a clean, practical, as well as refreshing. Enhance the look of your minimalist living room by inserting the black color to make the atmosphere seem more elegant and contemporary. It can be incorporated into the couches, tables, and shelf display wrapped in black color, making the room look more luxurious. In addition, make sure that you choose furniture or other interior accessories that have sqaure, clean and smooth design to match the styling of the minimalist design.
If the dual-coloring concept doesn’t suit you well, no matter if you add a pinch of one bright color as an accent; red, orange or blue. The throw pillows and floral decoration are the most common options to be integrated with the bright color. To be elegant with minimalist concept in the living room does have to look stiff and flat, it can also be attractive and fun for you and your family.
The minimalist design is an interior design that prioritizes practicality. This style is not complicated, so that it’s much chosen by those who have a high level of activity. Because with minimalist style, you don’t have to provide plenty of time for maintenance or cleaning the house and interior.